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Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue

Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue is dedicated to providing a safe haven for unwanted, abused, neglected horses and to improve the relationship between horses and people. We are committed to raising funds to support the rescued horses in our care and will pursue the acquisition of grants, gifts, bequests and donations to support the organization. We are a no-kill rescue striving to promote the humane treatment and to strengthen the bond between horses and people through the education of people, especially children. Our goal is to properly unite humans and horses in a safe environment, using accepted methods to preserve the best equine care through informative and instructional guidance, education and administration adhering to the understanding of the need for the preservation of rural equine communities. We are not breed specific and promise each of our horses will never again know the abuse, neglect, abandonment or other injury that brought them to our facilities.

Deanna and her team have made it their mission to use these truly "lucky" horses as therapy to many different types of people in need.  I am so excited to continue my involvement with such a great group of people and equines alike.

Lara Yunaska Trump

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Deanna Mancuso


Since Lucky Orphans opened our barn doors, we have helped many horses, along with some sheep and goats, find a more promising and meaningful future. It is the goal of LOHR to not only save these wonderful animals, rehabilitating them to sound health and rebuild their trust in people, but also to use their stories of struggle, overcoming adversity, building trust, leadership, and teamwork to foster an understanding and inspiration in children, young adults, and the community. Today, Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue is dedicated to not only providing a forever home for these magnificent creatures, but also to educating the community and focusing on fostering the relationship between children and animals to help build a more compassionate future.


Mailing Address: PO Box 334 Dover Plains NY 12522

Physical Address: 2699 Route 22 Dover Plains, NY 12522

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